Accessibility Notice

We have tried to design this site to be as accessible as possible while still visually interesting. To do this we have included a variety of features which are summarised below. Click on the links to see information on the particular accessibility issues.

Alternative Style

For visitors with Partial Sightedness, Colour Blindness or Dyslexia we have created two alternative views for this website. These alternative views remove most of the graphics, and use appropriate colours to create suitable contrast on the page. They also allow visitors to comfortably increase the text size to a size more suited to them.

Access Keys

The ability to navigate the site using other means than a mouse can be important for those who have difficulties in using a mouse or other pointing device. To help with this we have set up 'Access Keys' (see below) on the site which allows easy navigation to the main pages on the web site.

As well as helping those who have difficulty using a Mouse it also allows quick access to the main pages for anyone who prefers to use the keyboard.

To use the access keys on the site follow these steps

  1. Press and hold the 'alt' key
  2. Press the required letter
  3. Press the return key and the browser will load the relevant page. 
  • Home H
  • Welcome 1
  • Contact Details 2
  • Key Information 3
  • School Tour 4
  • Latest News 5
  • Calendar 6
  • Letters Home 7
  • Newsletters 8
  • Gallery 9
  • Class Pages Q
  • Kids' Zone W
  • Parents E
  • Parents Council R

You can cycle through all the links by using the TAB key. To open a link which you have tabbed to, please press ENTER.

(Please note Access Keys may not work on all browsers)

Images and Alt Tags

We have avoided using excessive graphics within the web site where possible to ensure quick download times and access to information which cannot be read when in image format.

Where images have been used we have added 'Alt' tags - text alternatives so that you can still see what the image is meant to convey even if it doesn't load or if you have chosen to browse with the images switched off or you are using something like a screen reader to read the web page rather than view.

Re-sizable Text

We have been careful to make sure that we haven't fixed the size of the textual information on the web site so that visitors who wish to can alter the font size on the screen to make it easier to read. There are a number of ways to change the text size in your browser, the easiest way is to follow the following steps: (In Internet Explorer)

  1.  Select the "View" menu.
  2.  Select the "Text Size" option from the menu.
  3.  Click on the text size you want to view.

It is also possible to increase the size of the text by holding down the ctrl key on the bottom left hand row of the key board whilst using the scroll wheel on the mouse to increase (or decrease) the size of the text.

Browser Compatibility

This site has been tested with the following browsers for compatibility.

  • Internet Explorer 5.0 & 6.0
  • Firefox 1.0.7
  • Safari 2.0.3

Later versions of these browsers should continue to be compatible.

Coding Standards

We have ensured our site conforms to W3C standards for xhtml and css. Adhering to these standards should make our site accessible across browsers which adhere to the same standards, and should make our pages more accessible to those using screen readers and similar devices.

Consistent Navigation

Throughout the site we have tried to keep the navigation consistent. Certain pages are available from every single page on the website. All image links have text alternatives.

If you have any comments about the navigation on the site please contact our Webmaster.

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