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Staffing for session 2017/8

Our Management Team consists of:

Headteacher              Mrs M McCreadie

Principal Teacher         Mrs D Findlay

Our Class Teachers are:

P1                      Mrs S Gulliver-Goodall

P2/3 S                 Mrs T Scott

P2/3 RH                Mrs K Reid (Mon-Wed)  and Mr N Harris (Thurs-Fri)

P4                      Mr S Strother

P5/6                    Mrs D Findlay

P6/7                    Mr R Woof

Our Additional Needs Team are:

Support for Learning Teacher        Mrs J Ozwell (Mon-Tues)

Additional Needs Auxiliaries          Mrs W Scott, Mrs J McDonald, Mrs K Redpath Mrs R Dixon

Classroom Assistant                  Mrs D Hall

In the Nursery are:

Senior Nursery Nurse                Mrs R Fowler 

Nursery Nurses                       Mrs C Fisher, Mrs D McNulty, Mrs M Ballantyne, Mrs C Laing


Our Curriculum Support Teachers are:

PE                        Mr G Thomson

Music                     Vacancy

Brass Instruction          Mr R Hume


Our Support Staff are:

School Administrator        Mrs A Donachie

Janitor                       Mr H Wear

Home Link Worker          Ms K Hughes

Playground Supervisors     Mrs R Dixon,  Mrs W Scott,  Mrs D Hall, Mrs J McDonald

Cook                         Mrs C Hendry

Kitchen Assistant            Mrs M McLaughlin

Lunch Assistant             Mrs R Dixon

Crossing Patrol              Ms C Rae



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