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Improvement Plan Priorities Session 2017-18

To raise attainment in reading through use of a number of strategies including

  •  1:1 support through volunteers,
  •  using miscue analysis to ensure we know how best to support individual readers
  •  to introduce 'reflective reading' strategies in classes to support groups of readers
  •  refurbish the library space to encourage a love of reading for pleasure
  •  introduce 'author of the month' activities to encourage reading for pleasure

To raise attainment in numeracy through

  • a relaunch of Numbertalks across the school, in all classes
  • to use practical assessment to ensure pupils have understood new maths concepts as well as are able to write them down
  • to use pre-assessments to ensure pupils begin new work at the appropriate point,  thus bringing support, pace and challenge

To raise attainment in writing through

  • a clear progression in grammar and punctuation for the whole school, Early  to P7
  • diagnostic spelling assessments leading to accurate groupings for pupils P3-P7
  • a focus on linking writing to other planned learning to see connections for youngsters

Throughout the entire plan for this year, the focus will be to ensure we use the National Benchmarks in Literacy and Numeracy, from Nursery through to P7. This will ensure that we are focussing at the right level of learning, ensuring challenge for those learners who are ready for it, and appropriate support for those who require it.

We will use clear tracking mechanisms to ensure that we are not only 'covering' the work, but that we are delivering it at the appropriate level for all our learners, no matter the class they are in. This tracking will also give us accurate information to share with parents throughout the year.



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