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House System

Our three Houses are named after animals in the Scots dialect these are:

Hoolit (owl), Brock (badger) and Tod (fox). Hoolits are yellow, Brocks are green and Tods are red

Primary 6 pupils are nominated and elected Vice Captains and then during their Primary 7 year become Captains.

All children and adults (apart from PE Teacher and Headteacher) at Howdenburn are members of one of the three houses. Members of the same family will all be in the same house.

House points are awarded for good behaviour, manners, effort, good work and other worthy actions or competed for during interhouse challenges. 

Weekly points are accumulated throughout the session and added to the House Noticeboard.  At the end of the School Year, a silver trophy is awarded to the House which has gained the most points.  A separate trophy is awarded to the House which gains the most points on Sports Day.

House badges may be purchased from the office.

Our leaders for 2017-18 are:



Vice Captain                             



Vice Captain                            



Vice Captain                            

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