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Road Safety Letter - 30 November 2011

Dear Parents/Carers

As you already know, we have a Travel Plan for the School. Its main aim is to encourage pupils to walk to school in order to

  • Encourage an active lifestyle
  • Improve safety for pupils on the school journey
  • Cut down pollution

The Problem

Our problem is that there is too much traffic at the school gate, especially at 3.15 p.m. Parents have complained that there have almost been accidents and it is not safe. But the cars all belong to you – the parents.

How Can You Help?

Please choose the healthy, safer option and walk your children to School instead of driving. You can teach them the importance of road safety on the way.

There are very few families who live far enough away to need transport to come to School. Some live in the country and some live further up Oxnam Road where there is no pavement for them to walk safely. If you really must drive, please

· Park in a safe place away from the entrance

· Keep the bus and taxi layby clear

· Drive at a suitable speed in case children run on to the road

· Make sure children wear seat belts

· Use booster cushions or seats for any children under 1m 35cm

· Meet your children at the School gate and take them safely to your car

· Pupils are never allowed in the staff car park – please do not use it

What have we done?

With the help of the School Travel Co-ordinator, Local Councillor, Local Police and representatives from the Community, bus companies, parents and School staff, we have

  • Made and given out a travel plan for the School community
  • Introduced a 20s plenty zone for the neighbourhood
  • Used assemblies to encourage pupils to walk to school
  • Continue to have Walk to School Weeks
  • Used our JRSO notice board to give pupils information about road safety





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