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Reporting and sharing progress


In Session 2017-18, we will report to parents in a number of ways, which will give all parents an opportunity to see both written information and also 'live' information about their child's learning.

At the start of session, parents will receive a curriculum overview of the planned learning for their child - both in topic based learning and in core learning of Numeracy, Literacy and Health and Wellbeing. These have been reviewed for the new session, and will have a space for a progress update at the end of the term. These will come home at the start of each term, with an update on progress from the previous term included.

Parents will be invited to come into school in September as part of National Numeracy Week, which will give parents a chance to see their child 'in action' in maths, as well as to briefly chat with their teacher on how well they have settled in to their new class.

In November, all parents will be offered an appointment to meet their child's teacher, and discuss in detail their progress in learning. At this point, parents will already have had their first update on the curriculum overviews.

In January, the curriculum overview will begin to includes examples of your child's learning, in a book we are calling a Learning Journey. This allows parents to not only read of progress but also to see what that progress looks like, as the examples are chosen by each child individually.

In March, parents will receive the annual report, with a further curriculum overview and update before the end of the school year.

In addition to this, each class will invite parents to an event which will showcase their learning. This may take the form of an Assembly, or a come and try event in class, or even an invitation to visit their 'museum' based on a historical theme. There is a vast array of options for classes to think about.

Reporting takes many forms, and we also consider the annual Scots concert and the end of session Prizegiving as  reporting events when we share many of the successes and achievements of our pupils on a much larger scale. We will endeavour to keep this site and our Facebook page up to date with current information which parents may need regarding pupil learning, although this may be more generic, and not based around individuals.



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