The Howdenburn Parent Council came into being in 2007.


The role of the Parent Council is to:

* Support the school and headteacher in their work with pupils and parents.

* Represent the views of parents to the authority.

* Promote contact and communications between school, parents, pupils, the community, nursery      (colleges and employers for secondary schools).

* Report back to the parent forum on our work.


We raise funds by holding a number of events throughout the school year.  We use these funds for general purposes, such as assisting with the cost of transport for school trips or for a specific purpose such as the provision of a new library for the school.

The Parent Council is also actively involved in other aspects of school life.  All parents are now automatically members of the Parent Forum at Howdenburn.  As a member of the Parent Forum you will be encouraged to support events and activities at the school, get involved in your child's learning and be consulted on or take part in Howdenburn's Parent Council.


Parent council Office Bearers 2017-18:

Chairman: Diana Hickson



Treasurer: Lynne McKay



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